Logo Design


Your business logo is just as important as the business name itself. The logo symbolizes your identity and distinguishes you from your competitors and other businesses. A professional looking logo design establishes that  first glint of trust the customers have toward your business. But creating that perfect logo is no small feat. Most of the time, people don’t really know what they want, all they know is that they need a logo. And having a great design idea in your head doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look good in paper. That’s where Edmonton Business Signs’ logo design services come in, you get to interact with our designers in creating the logo for you. Just tell us the initial idea or look you want in your logo and we’ll make a first batch of designs. If one is to your liking, then that’s great. If not, then we’ll make revisions on the designs until we reach that perfect logo for your business. Call Edmonton Business Sings at 780-340-7446 (SIGN) for more information on any of our products and services.  

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